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        1. Subsidiaries


          Shandong Chenteng International Trade Co., Ltd.

                 Shandong Chenteng International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2022. It is a holding subsidiary of Jining Carbon Group Co., Ltd. and a professional foreign trade company engaged in import and export trade. The company's business scope includes import and export of goods and technology (except for goods and technologies that are restricted or prohibited by the state). The company is mainly engaged in Prebaked Carbon Anode for aluminum electrolysis, Calcined Petroleum Coke, Coal Tar Pitch, Anode Paste, Cathode Paste, Phthalic Anhydride, Amide Wax, etc., as well as import and export agency business of related products in other industries. On the basis of satisfying the product sales of Jining Carbon Group, Chenteng International actively develops international and domestic trade, and provides excellent services for new and old customers of domestic and foreign with good reputation, efficient work, and professional business knowledge。
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          Add:No.99 Rencheng Avenue,Jining,Shandong
          Tel:86-537-2317667 Fax:86-537-2317557
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